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Whether you are investing in your first bike or simply upgrading to a new model, one of the most important things you need to be aware of are the differences between 2 stroke and 4 stroke bikes.

At one time, 2 stroke bikes reigned supreme as it was the only model available to riders no matter what skill level they were.

The turn of the century however brought a more modern 4 stroke bike to the riding world and has changed what the pro circuit and weekend rider looks like on a variety of levels.

The 2 Stroke Engine

The first thing to know is a little bit more about the history of the engines themselves and knowing what makes each set-up unique.

The 2 stroke engine was the first to be used on dirt bikes and largely dominated the sport for many years.

This specific model is much simpler than the 4 stroke engine as it doesn't have the valves that the 4 stroke has, just one of the features that makes it much lighter and easier to work on.

The 2 stroke model also fires the pistons once every revolution of the wheels, which provides it a large power boost over the heavier 4 stroke.

These kinds of bikes involve two kinds of working processes going on with it - compression and combustion.

On the first stroke, the engine with compress and explode with the fuel. On the following stroke, new fuel is funnelled into the space to be compressed.

The 4 Stroke Engine

The modern 4 stroke engine has emerged as the top bike model in the 21st century and is a much more user friendly bike for riders of any skill level.

The 4 stroke model involves more than simple compression and combustion as you can also add in both intake and exhaust.

These bikes are much heavier than the traditional 2 strokes which makes them a much more popular option for those participating in enduro races and other longer track competitions.

While these bikes are typically more expensive, they are a better investment in the long run as they have a much longer life span than the 2 stroke due to the easier maintenance and a lubrication system that doesn't need as much care as often.

The four stroke is also a far more efficient bike and does not burn fuel nearly as fast as its counterpart. While you may not get as much power and speed out of it, you can stay out on the track or trail much longer.

These are just a few differences between the two bikes and each one can produce better results for the kind of riding you are going for.

For those who are simply a weekend rider, the 4 stroke is going to be the best all around performance model for you.

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