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The sport of motocross has reached new heights in the 21st century, producing some of the most brilliant stunts and performances we have ever seen. The advanced tricks these professionals continue to pull out has inspired an entirely new generation of riders to follow in their footsteps and be just like their favorite extreme sport athletes.

One trick which has mystified fans for years and continues to impress is the backflip. From the basic flip to the famed double backflip thrown first by Travis Pastrana, this trick is still an incredible feat today. So if you fancy attempting the backflip yourself, here are some important tips to follow.

Find a Foam Pit

Whether you are pulling off your first backflip or starting out on the first jump, the key to success is practice, practice, and more practice. When learning to pull off the backflip, the biggest investment you should make is in a large foam landing pit. If you are unable to get your hands on one, a local track nearby may have one readily available for riders such as yourself.

Whether you are using a ramp made from artificial materials or are utilizing a dirt ramp, practicing on a steeper one, roughly 50 to 60 degrees, is a good place to begin. This will provide you with a launching pad to get you up in the air sooner, giving you plenty of time to practice bringing the back around for the flip.

Work On Your Takeoff

No matter what trick you are attempting, mastering the takeoff is arguably the most important step to a successful landing. With the backflip, a poor takeoff will equal no chance at getting the bike around in time for the landing. Starting out, hit the ramp with some speed, but work your way up into the higher gears. The more practice you can get with the takeoff, the more comfortable you will feel with being in the air.

As you hit the top of the ramp, try and get yourself in a higher gear such as third, in order to give yourself plenty of speed and momentum out of the jump. As you launch off the face of the jump, pull back hard on your handlebars and lean your body to the rear of the bike. Make sure to keep the throttle going as this will give you some extra momentum to bring the bike around.

The Landing

Sticking the landing is the biggest part of a successful backflip, making the practice even more important. As the bike begins to rotate, keep your head leaned back as far as possible in order to best spot your landing. You likely won't get the bike all the way around in the early stages, so kicking away from it can keep you from injury from the bike landing on you.

Once you have mastered the landing in the foam pit to where it is effortless, you will be ready to take it to a real jump on the dirt.

Trust your skills and make sure you commit to each jump to ensure the highest possibility of success.

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