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Dirt bikes. The outdoor gear heads love them, and why not.

A fantastic combination of style, fun, and high quality performance, dirt bikes provide a wide array of enjoyment for riders of all levels no matter what kind of terrain you find yourself on.

In order to keep your bike it top form and well running condition, proper maintenance is crucial. If you are not sure where to start, here are some helpful tips on quality maintenance and general care for your bike.

7 Moto Basics to Keeping Your Ride Tip Top

They may be basics, but taking care of your bike properly is key to ensuring a long life out of your machine and getting the absolute most out of its performance.

These important tips to follow include checking the bearings. Making sure these bearings are in good shape in the wheels, steering head and any other place and are all properly lubricated are very important to keep the bike moving smoothly.

While it may seem obvious, checking the motor often and keeping it in shape is something that simply can't be overlooked. From the clutch cable, the brakes, the spark plugs and more, all these elements need to be clean and working well for the bike to be able to perform. You can see these tips and more in this article from Moto Magazine.

12 Routine Maintenance Tips for Dirt Bikes

The fundamentals are often the most important part of success in anything in life, and the same goes for the maintenance of a dirt bike. While maintenance may seem basic and rudimentary, it is absolutely vital to the longevity of your bike.

One of the best things you can do after each ride to keep your bike is by washing and drying it thoroughly. By doing this, it allows you to inspect it as well as possible to detect any sort of problems that may be present. You should always be checking for leaks when inspecting your bike as these can cause short and long term problems.

Other important features to focus on are checking your chain tension and tire pressure to ensure the bike is running as smoothly and efficiently as it possibly can.

Routine Motocross Bike Maintenance Tips - 4 Stroke

If you have invested in a quality dirt bike, especially a 4-stroke bike, maintenance is incredibly important and must happen on a regular basis. Some of the important features you should be attentive of are cleaning and lubing all the cables on the bike. Keeping these features in good shape will prevent from natural wear and tear and cut down on dirt and grime build up.

Another important element to stay on top of is the air filter. Cleaning this out well with cleaner and drying it out will keep dirt from building up on it and keeping air flowing properly through the bike.

Follow some of these simple tips and tricks and your bike will stay in top form.

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