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If you are wanting to get into the world of dirt biking, selecting the proper off-road bike is the first important decision you will have to make.

With so many makes and models available to riders today, narrowing down your choices can seem like a very tough task in some cases.

From your body type, the style of riding you will be doing, and more, there are a plethora of elements that factor into selecting the right bike.

Fortunately, we have a few helpful tips and tricks to help you find the perfect machine.


From seat height, bike weight, rider size and more, the size of the bike is arguably the most important decision in the shopping process.

If you are a smaller, younger rider just getting into the process of dirt biking, a smaller 125 cc bike may be the perfect option for you.

This small bike is great for younger riders just starting out as they are light, shorter, and easier to maneuver around the bigger track.

The correct size of bike with entirely depend on the size and overall ability of the rider, so make sure to do some research and check out several options before making your purchase.


While you may have the funds for it, you may be throwing money down the drain if you are investing in a top of the line, professional level bike as your first investment.

If you have a smaller budget and won't really be doing that much riding, a used bike might be the best choice for you in the long run as you can save yourself some money right off the bat and work with that bike until you are ready for an upgrade.

4 Stroke or 2 Stroke

There are two types of popular bike in the market today, the 2 stroke model and the 4 stroke model.

For beginners, the 4 stroke is the ideal bike as it involves intake, compression, combustion, and exhaust.

All of this working together allows the bike to fire every 2 revolutions of the crankshaft, making the bike much more predictable and easier to maintain in the long run.

The 2 stroke bike on the other, only involved compression and combustion.

On this type of bike, the engine fires and the spark plug also ignites on every single revolution. This process creates a much faster, yet also much more unpredictable, experience for the rider.

Unless you are a highly skilled rider, the 2 stroke will likely not be the best choice for you. When you are ready for it though, the adrenaline rush from this machine is unmatched.

If you are just getting into dirt bikes, be sure to follow a few of these simple tips and tricks to help you find the perfect bike for your needs.

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