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In order to win more motocross races, passing your competitors to get to the front of the pack is crucial. This starts long before the race even begins, however, and preparing yourself for each turn and straightaway to take advantage of passing opportunities.

So how exactly can you map out your passing strategies and techniques to win more races? Take a look at these helpful tips and tricks to make more passes, and in turn, win a few more races.

Plan Ahead

Winning races and making passes in motocross begins long before the actual races starts, as adequate planning and knowledge of the race track will help immensely in the long run of your racing success.

Be sure to walk and study the track as much as you can before you get on your bike and train. The more you see openings and nuances of the track with your eye, the better you will be able to react ahead of time when you are in the race situation.

When you know the track like the back of your hand, knowing the areas to pass is the next most important part. You can't pass riders on any given part of the track, so picking your spots correctly is key to making successful passes.

The most common place to pass other riders is on corners. This technique involves you setting up your competitor by taking advantage of them taking the higher side on the corner and you cutting quickly underneath him. This move can often cause a little bit of contact between you and the other rider, so be prepared for a little jarring movement.

A big key in making a pass on a corner is keeping your eyes out ahead of the other rider, rather than on him. If you keep your eye on him or his rear tire and follow his line, you may follow him right into a mistake he makes. Whenever possible, take different lines rather than following in their footsteps.

Advanced Passing Techniques

If you can't make the traditional pass on the corners, there are other advanced moves you can implement to take advantage of other positions. One of the best known moves it he "Bubba Scrub," named after James Stewart. This practice of passing on a jump is a great way to pass without having to lose any speed in the process.

This pass takes place on a jump, and requires a lot of practice before it can be mastered. As you hit the top of your jump, lean your bike to the side as you whip the tail toward the front of the bike. When you have hit your apex, simple lean your body back the other way and whip the rear back around to land the jump. This move can be highly effective as long as you practice it enough.

How do you pass on the motocross track? Share your tips with us in the comments below! 

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