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Motocross Brake Pedals - Take a break and check out our guide for all you need to know about good braking and how to fit your replacement brake pedals.

Whether you are a newcomer to the sport or a professional rider it is important to know how to position your brake pedal for maximum comfort and effective safety.

So, how to position your brake pedal:

  • Adjust the static position of the brake pedal to be near horizontal to the footpeg. This reduces the possibility of bending the pedal and gives a good compromise position for both sitting and standing.
  • Adjust the free-play on the pedal at least an inch to avoid overheating the rear brakes.
  • Keep an eye out for wear of your brake pedal as it will need to be replaced once it loses its traction.
  • Keep the teeth on the brake pedal sharp to maximize the traction on your boot. Most bikes have steel teeth and can be filed sharp with a hand file.
  • If your feet are either small or really big, consider shortening or lengthening the shift lever and brake pedal to customize the fit and improve action. You may either need to shorten or lengthen the shift lever and brake pedal in order depending on the size of your feet once your boots are one. Really big boots may require lengthening the shift lever and brake pedal in order to improve shifting and braking.

If your brake pedal needs to be replaced check out this video - Motocross Brake Pedal fitting

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