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When it comes to mastering riding dirt bikes, learning proper techniques and practising them as frequently as possible is one of the keys to becoming a better rider in the long run.

From correctly utilizing your body control, knowing when to use the clutch, and using your feet on turns, there are a plethora of different tactics that can help taking your riding skills to the next level.

One of the most important techniques you can learn in your practice is the seat bounce method. This move will help you immensely when going off of jumps both out on the race track and on the trails.

Body Position

Just like when you are going in and out of a turn or simply getting up to speed, having proper body control and position is key to successfully pulling off the seat bouncing technique on your dirt bike.

The seat bouncing method is slightly different when it comes to body position, however, as you will not want to be leaned over the front handlebars like the normal riding position.

Instead, the first key to the seat bouncing technique is to sit back slightly on the bike as you approach the jump. This will keep the back end from kicking up as you launch off the top of the jump and make sure the front wheel gets off the ground smoothly and before the back end.

Manoeuvring the Bike

Once you have the body control down, the next step is properly handling the bike both as you approach the jump and as you are launched into the air.

As you approach the top of the jump and sit back slightly on the back, you should also pull back a little bit on the handlebars to further exaggerate the front end getting up and not having the back end kick up and throw you over the front of the handlebars.

The next step in successfully pulling off the seat bounce technique is to compress the suspension, which will help you create the extra lift and pop you are looking for off the top of the jump.

As you sit back on the bike and put your weight on the suspension to press it down, you should twist the throttle smoothly to accelerate yourself up the face of the jump as you approach the lip.

As you hit the throttle and launch off the top of the jump, the final step is to stand up tall on the pegs to create the final step of lift you are looking for off the jump.

By combining all these steps smoothly into one, you will be able to create the bouncing look that will lead to higher and smoother jumps.

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