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Dirt bike riding has become increasingly popular over the last decade, and the growth of events such as the X Games have made proficient and stylish riding even more popular.

As you become a more skilled rider, the ability to pull off tricks will certainly become more desirable and achievable.

One of the best beginner moves to learn when trying to become a more stylish rider on a dirt bike is learning how to whip the back. This move of bringing the back end around before snapping it back into form is a great way to add some excitement and flair to your riding style.

What is a Dirt Bike Whip?

This move on a bike is a rather simple one, yet can be incredibly efficient to your success in a motocross race. The move of whipping a dirt bike simply consists of the rider launching off of a jump and bringing the back end of the bike to the front so the bike itself is horizontal. Once they have reached the peak of the jump, the rider will then swing the back end to its correct position in order to properly land the jump.

How to Whip the Bike

Practise will make perfect when it comes to whipping your bike, so finding a good area to do so will be first on your agenda. The bigger the jump, the easier it will be to pull off the move as you will have more time and space to properly execute it.

One of the most important things to gauge on a bike whip is getting the correct speed for the move. When approaching the jump, make sure you are in a mid-level gear so you have enough power to get speed through the jump but not too much to where you are out of control.

For the ideal take off, let off the gas for a moment as near the bottom of jump before accelerating up the face of it for the proper launch angle and speed out of the jump. This speed launching off of the jump will help to ensure that your bike does not slip or slide off course with a lack of velocity of the ramp.

As you hit the jump, go at the opposite angle you want to whip the bike in as the whip will direct you back on course to your landing spot. Once you are in the air, pulling off the proper whip should feel just like a natural turn on the ground. Be sure to lean out over the front of your bike and make a turning move as your bring the back end of the bike into the opposite direction of your jump angle. When you are ready to bring the bike back around to vertical, a little touch on the throttle will help force it around so you can land straight again.

Follow these simple tips and tricks and you will be well on your way to landing the dirt bike whip with ease.

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