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From the first off road biked in the 1920s to now, the motocross industry has made leaps and bounds to get to the position it is in today.

From suspension, wheels, handlebars, seats and more, every aspect of the motocross bike has undergone significant changes in its make-up to create the modern motocross bike.

With so many different innovations and changes over the decades, we are going to highlight some of the biggest ones that have taken the motocross bike from its early stages to the greater technology it possesses today.

Two Stroke Engines

When many motocross riders think about dirt bike technology, one of the first things that come to mind are the differences between the four stroke and two stroke models.

For years, the four-stroke engine dominated the sport until the creation of the 250cc world championships. This even brought about the progression and growth of popularity of the two stroke bike and became the ride of choice for professional racers.

With the two-stroke engine, riders were giving more power in a much lighter model, making it ideal for the racing series.


When riding on a big, heavy bike, being comfortable is one of the most important aspects of overall riding. Today's comfort may not exist, though, without major advancements in the suspension technology of the bikes.

In the earlier days of motocross, riders did not have the same luxury of landing and having a bike have much "give" to it. This meant landing on a rock hard surface and sending a bone-rattling shockwave throughout your entire body.

Fortunately for riders today, you have the luxury of having bikes with premier suspension on them to allow for the most forgiveness possible to help protect both your body and the parts on your bike. With advanced suspension technology, you can enjoy a much smoother ride every time you take it out.

Cooling Systems

For decades, the only thing being used to cool bikes down during a ride was air. While this could get the job done some of the time, many bikes would overheat far too quickly and power would decrease as the bike would become clogged with mud and heat.

With incredible innovation in the early 1980s, however, water cooling systems were then introduced to the bike's design. As designers realized utilizing water was far more efficient and successful for cooling down the bike in place of water, new water cooling systems were introduced and are now factory standard for any motocross bike being built today.

All in all, the motocross industry has come leaps and bounds in the overall design and creation of new bikes. What are the biggest feats in innovation in your opinion? Let us know in the comments!

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