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Motocross is much more than just a sport these days, it is a culture. Just like any other developed sport that has a large following, motocross has developed its own language.

Call it slang, technical terms, or just things that you know if you ride, these words and phrases are things you are sure to pick up on when you spend a lot of time at the track.

If you are getting into motocross, here are some of the top phrases you should learn to help yourself get more involved and expand your knowledge.

Block Pass

One of the more well known and practiced techniques, this involved a racer passing another racer on a corner and causing them to slow down or lose all their momentum. Utilize this move when you have a rider that is difficult to get around.


A slang term that might not have a true definition, the term "brraaap" refers to the sound the 2-stroke bike makes when someone is riding it with some serious speed. At any track, you are sure to hear this term.


Ever tried to take on a triple jump and come up just short of the landing and hit the face of the jump? Well this not-so-enjoyable mishap is referred to as casing. Ouch. Trust us, you want to avoid casing a jump as much as possible.


Getting out to a quick start is key to being successful in a motocross race, and hitting the holeshot is the best way to do so. This term refers to getting out in the lead by the time you reach the first corner.


A pretty common phrase to hear when you are at a track riding on some looser ground. Getting roosted means the rider is referring to the dirt flying up from the rider in front of them.


If you are riding on a track with some softer conditions, many racers will refer to either a straight or the face of a jump being rutted out. This means there will be ruts in these areas, providing a slightly less stable and reliable track to ride on.


When riding on a straightaway, a rider might say they are "pinning" it. This means on the straights, they are opening up the throttle all the way to make up some ground. This is a great way to make a move in a race and really get some speed.


For the experienced rider, it is a common occurrence to see them throw some kind of trick in mid-air off of a jump. One of the most common ones is a whip. This involves the rider bringing the back end of their bike around to the front so they are sideways in the air, before bringing the back end straight again to land.

Learn these phrases and sayings and you can talk motocross with the best of them the next time you go to the track.

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