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For those of us trying to get those advantages in performance on the track, Reed Valve Systems are a must.  By replacing a conventional Reed Valve System with a VForce3 you can expect to instantly increase your dirt bikes power as well as the throttle response.

How is this achieved?

The VForce3 Reed Valve System will offer twice the reed tip surface over a more conventional design. This allows two big benefits:

  • Firstly, the Reed Petals will only need to move half the length to achieve the same airflow
  • Secondly, since the reeds only move half the length, there is a far higher possibility that the reeds will be opened, just as much as there will be more chance they are fully closed. They are far more reliable and efficient.

Reed petals are always moving, up to 100+ times a second!! ..so in essence, they are never totally closed or totally open – they are somewhere in between. So the less distance equals more efficiency. Also less distance = longevity. These are built to last.

Click here for full VForce3 range

The Benefits

It has been said that the most cost effective way for a consumer to increase engine power, is to fit VForce3 Reed Valve systems. You can expect an instant horsepower gain of at least 5%, sometimes as much as 10%.


Very simple. This is a basic, bolt-on product which easily replaces your existing reed valve system. The petals can also be replaced – best to check annually, but they should last a lot longer

Click here for full range of VForce Reed Valve Systems for KTM, Honda, Kawasaki and Suzuki

Value for money. 9/10 Cost effective

Installation. 9/10 Basic Bolt On Product

Benefits. 8/10 5-10% Horsepower gain

Overall: 9/10

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