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On the surface, all motorcycle racing may seem the same. To the seasoned veteran though, they know there are many different forms and styles out there. From motocross, to supercross, to endurocross, and more, there are a wide range of racing styles that grace the motorcycle tracks. Of all these different racing styles, the two most popular are motocross and supercross. While they appear very similar, riders need different skills and abilities while competing on different tracks and surfaces.

Motocross is the more popular of these two racing styles and originates in the 20th century in the UK. This off road motorcycle racing style is a widely popular style and is designed to determine who the fastest driver is on the course. These tracks are quite abundant throughout the world and are typically found in rural areas on natural dirt surfaces. These tracks can range anywhere from 0.5 to two miles depending on the length of the race or the kinds of bikes involved in the race.

Motocross tracks can also range anywhere between 16 to 40 feet across depending on how many riders it needs to accommodate. While the tracks are outside and on a natural surface, there are plenty of man made object and artificial barriers that help to create a complete track to get the kind of racing the sport is looking for. This style of racing became popularized in the United States in 1996 and hasn't looked back since.

Supercross on the other hand, is essentially the American version of motocross. These kinds of races are set apart from traditional motocross ones as they take place inside stadiums or other event facilities on an artificial dirt track that is brought in. These tracks are much shorter than a motocross track and involve way more manoeuvring than you would find on a standard motocross track.

Supercross tracks are also a little more narrow than a motocross track as it will only stretch 20 feet across while getting as narrow as 14 feet in certain places. Races in this competition will run for roughly 20 laps to determine the winner. On the professional circuits, the season for Supercross will last for about 17 races. These races are ideal for a spectating sport as you typically won't find a bad seat in the house in a sports stadium and are able to witness all of the action unfolding.

If you are considering getting into one of these extreme sports or simply attending an event in person, it is important to know the differences between the two in order to make the right decision for your enjoyment.

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