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Motocross has a long and rich history which has spanned across decades and continents. Since the invention of the motorcycle, riders have been constantly evolving and taking the sport to the next level, bringing us to the modern era in which motocross is thriving.

Advancements in technology, combined with the need for an adrenaline rush, has helped create the motocross culture which exists today, especially the variant of freestyle motocross. This event is a must see at many extreme sports events and has contributed to putting motocross on the map. So how can you get yourself started in freestyle motocross? Here are a few helpful tips and tricks to get you started.

Improving Your Skills

The sport of freestyle motocross takes an incredible amount of skill and athleticism. Likely more than you really think. In order to be successful at freestyle motocross, improving and refining your overall riding skills is the first thing you should be focused on. As an advanced rider, getting yourself familiar and comfortable on jumps is a key skill to focus on.

When you are comfortable at hitting jumps at higher speeds, make sure you get plenty of practice in with different lengths of jumps as well as different heights of ramps.

Have the Right Equipment

Whether you are racing or getting into freestyle motocross, having the right equipment is essential to be successful. As a freestyle motocross rider, having the right bike will allow you to pull off tricks you wouldn't be able to do with other bikes. For a beginner in this riding style, a 250 cc 2-stroke bike is typically the best model to use as this lighter bike will allow you to maneuver the machine easily, while still providing the power you need to get up in the air and land the jump successfully.

While your bike setup is important to be successful in freestyle motocross, protecting your body is the most important part, so having the proper protective equipment is essential. Investing in quality body armor and even a neck brace are both outstanding pieces of equipment that can protect your body in the event of a major accident.

Many of the professional freestyle motocross competitors use foam pits to practice their jump as it is easy to keep themselves protected when practicing a new trick. If you can't afford to invest in one for yourself, there is a chance your local track may have one on site for this exact purpose.

Be Patient

Finally, never forget to take it slow and work your way up in freestyle motocross. Never take on a huge jump or difficult trick too quickly. Patience will help you both become a better rider, as well as protect you against major injury.

Start out small and land simple tricks on easier jumps before reaching for the stars. The better you can master the basics, the better you will be when it is time to step it up a notch.

How do you practice freestyle motocross? Let us know in the comments!

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