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While you may dream of having perfect weather every time you hit the motocross track, the unfortunate truth is bad weather will hit, creating difficult and muddy conditions for you to ride in

While riding in the mud can be quite fun and exciting, it does take a lot of preparation and a completely different riding style in order to get the most out of your bike and not expend all of your energy.

If you are getting ready to ride in muddier conditions than normal, here are some things to be aware of, as well as some tips and tricks to follow for a successful ride.

Your Bike

Your bike is going to get messy when riding in the mud. Really, really messy. So preparing it in advance is a great way to both help cut down your cleanup when you are done riding, as well as keeping it in good form and condition as the mud begins to still to it.

Before you go out riding, investing in some anti-mud foam is a great thing to have to fill in all the holes and crevices on your bike where mud will naturally gather. From the brake pedal to the front of the engine, anywhere mud can build up, place the foam there.

You can also spray your bike with a silicone based substance to help prevent a lot of mud from sticking throughout the day.


In the grand scheme of riding in the mud, your technique is the most crucial element for success. No matter how much mud sticks to your bike, having proper body position and correct control over your bike is key.

Momentum is your biggest aid on a rough day in the mud as it is much easier to get stuck on days like this. If you stop the bike at all, the rear tire will begin to sink in and make it difficult, if not impossible for you to regain traction and get the bike moving. As much as you can, keep the bike moving at all times to keep your momentum up and avoid getting stuck.

When riding in the mud, you are guaranteed to run into a lot of ruts on the track. From turns, straights, and jumps, you will encounter these obstacles at a variety of different speeds and angles. They key to conquering a rut on a track is to stay confident and trust the track.

As long as the rut on a turn isn't too deep, find one and trust it. Pick your line and utilize the rut to your advantage. Whether you are hitting the rut with a lot of speed or a slower pace, keep your eye out in front of your bike so you can hold your line better and come out of the rut smoothly.

Follow these tips and you will be able to ride more successfully in the mud.

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