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As a motocross rider, getting more speed and becoming a more well-rounded rider is the biggest key to your overall success. Faster riding equals more wins, simple as that.

But how do you get faster if you can't afford to just get a higher quality bike?

If you can't make the upgrade to a new bike, there are many physical aspects as well as strategic moves you can make to make yourself a stronger rider in the long run.

Physical Fitness

When riding around on a bike that weighs heavier than you do, manoeuvring it over jumps and through turns for laps on end will certainly begin to take quite a toll on your body.

One of the best ways to improve your overall speed on the track is to improve your strength and endurance, and the best way to do that is to get in the gym when you aren't riding. By increasing your overall strength and endurance, your riding will become more efficient and stronger over time.

While you may not think this plays a huge role in your success as a motocross rider, it is a much larger factor than you likely ever thought. Having a wide range of motion and staying as physically fit as possible is essential to becoming a more efficient rider which will equate to becoming a faster rider.

Being more flexible will help keep your back stronger during your ride and help you stay closer to the bike itself, leading to a more aerodynamic form and faster laps.

Train Smart, Not Hard

Just like any profession, you are going to get much better by being smart about your training and practice, rather than going hours on end with no purpose or overall goal in mind.

When getting ready to start training, setting out specific goals for yourself to reach in interval periods of time is a great way to gte started.

Do you want to improve your landing on a jump? Maybe you want to get faster going in and out of a specific turn on the track. Give yourself realistic smaller goals and work on these strategies and techniques one at a time until you master them and can put them all together to create a perfect lap.

By giving yourself goals in month long, and year-long spans, you have tangible things you can shoot for to make yourself a better rider overall.


Knowing all you can about a race before going into it is one of the best ways to improve your lap time, so studying the track is key. Make as many practice runs as you can and really learn what each turn and position feels like.

The more you know a track inside and out, the better you will be able to anticipate things developing ahead of you.

Follow these simple tips and tricks and you'll see faster times sooner than you think.

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