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Each year, dirt bike manufacturers do their best to improve upon technology and create the best possible bike available for top of the line riders. Since the creation of the first motorcycle, technology has come leaps and bounds, bringing us to the world of modern bikes you are able to riders today.

While the bikes today are the most advanced technology available, some of the best bikes ever built have already come and gone, and you may have owned or ridden some of them. Here are our top five dirt bikes ever built.

1988 Honda CR250R

Still one of the most iconic motocross bikes ever made, the Honda CR250R in 1988 was a slight change to the 1987 model. While not initially well-received by the public, it was one of the most revolutionary models ever built and forged the way for the future bikes we now ride today. One of the first generations of what we consider the modern body style, this bike had the tank lowered slightly and centred the weight more for a better, more consistent ride.

1998 Yamaha YZ400F

Another incredibly revolutionary bike in the motocross world, Yamaha became the first company to actually make the 4-stroke engine a race-ready bike with the YZ400F in 1998 as this reliable engine was light enough and durable enough to actually hold up in a circuit race. While it was still quite heavy, this is still one of the most important bikes in the history of motocross racing.

2007 Suzuki RM-Z450

This bike hit the spotlight in a big way when Ricky Carmichael was winning on it, and rightfully so. With quality performance at the highest level of the sport, the RM-Z450 established itself as one of the best bikes ever created. With a predictable feel and excellent traction and feel, this one of a kind bike provided an experienced rider with everything they wanted in a dirt bike. From top to bottom, this is easily one of the best all-around models ever made.

2010 Yamaha YZ450F

This award winning bike was in a class by itself, taking home the honors of “Bike of the Year” from Dirt Rider Magazine, “Best Motocrosser” from Cycle World, and the Motorcycle Magazine award for “Best Dirtbike of 2010” to establish itself as one of the bests all around models available. With a revolutionary engine design featuring a 12-hole fuel injector and a battery-free generator, this bike could go faster, longer, without overheating.

2004 KTM 250

The KTM has risen to be a prominent bike in the motocross and supercross world, and the 2004 KTM 250 helped take take the Austrian company to that next level. A highly ergonomic bike with better engine performance due to a new carburetor creating a smooth delivery of power, this bike was brilliant work of art.

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