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The sport of motocross has always been incredibly popular in the U.K. and has constantly provided some of the best tracks in the world to practice and compete on.

As the original home of the off road racing event, it is no wonder that the U.K. created some of the best facilities on earth. While there are many incredible tracks around the nation, there are several that seem to be just a cut above the rest as a whole.


There are many outstanding tracks around the U.K. and each one provides different tests and challenges for riders of all skill levels looking for different experiences. One of the best in terms of pure core fitness is Mepal. One of the best all-weather condition tracks in the country, this track is now ran by a former GP racer, Stuart Nunn.

With a wide array of bumps throughout the course, you can easily get roughed up on this one if you aren't in the best shape. Hit the gym a few times before you hit this 1.8 km long beast.

Cusses Gorse

If you are looking for a hard pack course to really help yourself get some good speed going, look no further than Cusses Gorse in Wiltshire. This fantastic course is one of the most technical around as you will really have to know how to adjust your speed throughout different scenarios to navigate the many jumps and turns. While it is on dirt, it very much gives the feel of a road race circuit with steeper banks and jumps thrown into it.

Washbrook Farm Motocross Track

If you are in the Cambridgeshire area, one of the best tracks to choose from is the Washbrook Farm Motocross Track. This course provides three different tracks to choose from and is suitable for all different skill levels out there.

From a smaller oval course for children to practice on, to a full size main track for the more experience and proficient riders, you can find any kind of condition you are looking for.

Fatcat Motoparc

If practising on dirt isn't your style, you can test your skills on a unique deep sand track at the Fatcat Motorparc course in South Yorkshire. This course provides riders with two different tracks to practice on and provides the opportunity to practice an area that many don't get a lot of chances at.

Make sure you're in shape before taking your bike to this one as the deep sand and constantly changing directions can really take a toll on your body. If you enjoy this kind of riding though, it will be no surprise to you why this is the number one deep sand circuit in all of Britain. 

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