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Whether you are working toward a competitive circuit or just want to improve your recreational riding ability, practice is essential to becoming a better motocross rider.

Coming up with a practice routine can be difficult for many motocross riders as skills levels will vary from rider to rider. For the rider looking to take their skills to the next level, implementing a regiment which can help refine their current skills and learn new ones will lead to a better ride in the long run.

To take your skills to the next level, here are a few tips and strategies to follow.

Work on Brake Control

Whether you are coming into a sharp turn or just trying to smooth out your lines, having proper brake control will help you become a more consistent rider in the long run. The track can have a lot of control over your bike and how it reacts to different surfaces, bumps, turns, and much more. By utilizing the brake in certain spots, you can keep the rear from kicking up and spinning out.

The better you can be at mastering the brake and knowing when to properly use it, the smoother your ride will be as you can increase your speed and efficiency on the track and the trails.

Know When to Use the Clutch

Many riders naturally assume you have to use the clutch when shifting up and shifting down. This is no the case on the modern bike, however, as the 4 stroke bike can shift down without the use of the clutch with ease. By avoiding the clutch when downshifting, you can have a much smoother ride and avoid losing precious speed on the track.

Arguably the most important part of successful motocross riding is having proper body control on top of the bike. Having your body weight distributed to the right sections on the bike and knowing when to lean and when not to will help your efficiency and overall quality of riding in the long run.

Make sure you stay leaned forward over the handlebars with your elbows out when you are on the throttle while you should be leaned slightly back when hitting the breaks. The key to a smooth ride is proper body control and weight distribution, so practice is essential.

Practice Your Decision Making

Like any game you have ever played, thinking several steps ahead will help you make better decisions and be more efficient. The same is true on a dirt bike, and the more you can practice these methods, the better it will serve you come race day.

Do you race on tracks that are rutted? Practice picking a rut and sticking to it to create a smoother ride on the track. Look ahead and decide how you are going to attack a turn or a jump long before you arrive at it. The more thinking you can do ahead of time, the better rider you will become.

Follow these tips and tricks in your practice and you are sure to see better results in your racing.

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