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While cleaning your dirt bike may seem like the most obvious step after you ride, it is actually even more important than you probably give it credit for.

Cleaning your bike as soon as you can after riding is one of the most important steps in keeping it in quality condition for a long period of time.

The key to this process though is that it is done properly to keep the bike running and looking as good as it possibly can.

What You'll Need:

  • 1lt Pro-Clean,
  • 400ml Chain Lube,
  • 250ml Tyre Lube,
  • Big Handful Sponge,
  • Chamois,
  • 400ml Super Lube,
  • 400ml Degreaser,
  • 500ml Hand Scrub,
  • Detail Brush.

This all comes together in this fantastic value Motocross Pro Cleaning Kit

Initial Cleaning

There has been a rumour over the past several years that the best way to clean a dirt bike is by investing in a pressure washer.

Sure, this may be the fastest and most efficient way to get all the mud off of your bike, but it is also one of the best ways to do some damage that you can't come back from. If you care about the integrity of your seat and the condition of the graphics on the side of your bike, skip the pressure washer.

While it may be more tedious, take a brush with some water and soap and scrub out the mud that is caked in the tires and various crevasses found throughout the bike. By hand washing these areas with different size brushes, you can make sure you get all the mud and dirt off and still keep your bike in good condition.

Once you have done the more intricate and tedious work of scrubbing off all the mud from the bike, the second step in this process is to take a hose and spray down your entire bike so every spot gets water on it.

Once you have hosed down the bike, simply spray the whole thing with the Fast Action Cleaner and let it set for just a couple of minutes.

Once the cleaner has set, simply rinse it off again with the hose to reveal a complete clean and shining finish. This bio-degradable cleaner is easily one of the best products of its kind available on the market today.

Be sure to follow these steps each time and your bike will provide you with years of quality and aesthetically appealing performance.

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