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The world of extreme sports has blown up in the 21st century through the success of the X Games combined with some brilliant marketing and some of the coolest athletes in the world. One of the most popular off road extreme sports today is motocross racing which has been a staple for years. If you are looking at getting into this ace sport, here are some helpful tips you should know first.

12 Top MX Riding Tips to Get You Motocross Racing

In this outstanding article from Dirt Rider Magazine, the authors provide prospectus motocross racers will some essential bits of information to help prepare them for the grueling sport. Fro the right amount of practice, learning the track forwards and backwards before a race, to observing other races, these are just a few of the keys that can help you become a quality racer. You can check out the rest of the tips in the full article here.

10 Riding tips to Get You Motocross Racing

This great article from Motosport.com provides riders with everything they need to know before getting into the gates for their first race. Practice makes perfect is the key point in this feature as the more you will be able to get on your bike and learn how it handles at different speeds will make you a more consistent driver. Physical health is often an overlooked thing in this sport, but as the authors highlight, it is vital to your success. You can check out the rest of the list in the entire article here.

Motocross for Dummies brings you another excellent article, this one on how to prepare for a motocross race to perform to the best of your abilities. With insightful advice such as walking the track before a race, getting off to a good start, and having a race plan, all these tips and more will lead you to more success on the race track. For more great tips and tricks, you can see the article in its entirety here.

So You Wanna Ride Motocross

This article from Active.com gives the rider who is just starting out from a bottom a general rundown on preparing for and competing in their first race. From getting yourself set up with the proper gear, taking it easy and learning the basics as you progress, and knowing what racing circuits to start on, this feature puts you on the right track to success. You can see the rest of the list in the full article here.

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