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Here at Motocross Parts UK we're a big fan of the UFO Motocross Goggle range.  Whether you are just starting out, a regular weekend rider or a seasoned pro - there is a goggle for you all with superb features!

For a start, all UFO goggles come with anti-scratch & anti fog lenses.  They are all CE Approved and available in a great range of colours.  We take a close look from beginner to pro below.

Level: Beginner

Looking for a great deal on high value Motocross Goggles – UFO Fusion Evolution

Technical features:

  • Very light goggles are shaped so as to adapt to the radius of curvature of different helmet models
  • The soft sponge cloth that lines the rim improves adhesion and prevents leaks of sweat
  • All UFO goggles come with anti-scratch & anti fog lenses

    CE Approved
    Replacement lens available

UFO Bullet Motocross Goggles

Level: Intermediate

Fantastic value and bang for your buck on high quality Motocross Goggles from UFO - the UFO Bullet Motocross Goggles

Key Features

  • Extremely light and compact
  • Highly elastic frame which favours total and uniform adhesion of the goggles to the face and different helmet models
  • Very soft nose pad
  • The edge is entirely lined with 3-layer anti-sweat face foam
  • Special material used for the upper rim prevents water leaks
  • Elastic with silicone anti-slip rubber coating inside

CE Approved

Replacement lens available
Roll-Off compatible

UFO Mixage Pro Motocross Goggles

Level: Pro

Looking for Professional Motocross Googles at a great price - New UFO Mixage Pro Motocross Goggles, available in five colours and CE approved.

Key Features:

  • Extremely light and compact
  • Offer a highly elastic frame which favours total and uniform adhesion of the goggles to the face.
  • Standard with clear lenses with tear-off,
  • Replacement lenses are available on request as double lenses and/or smoked lenses.
  • Mixage Goggles have Special 3-layer anti-sweat face foam.

The 2016 product has two great new features (standard):

  • Nose-extension to decrease the exposure surface to external agents (mud, dirt, etc.)
  • A special support/spacer upper to increase airflow at the top of the helmet

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