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With rider safety more important than ever and really under the spotlight, we have a guide to all the different types of protection available for Motocross Riders today on the market.  From Elbow Guards, to Knee Braces, modern protection gear can really help prevent severe injuries when you lose control of your bike. Click through on any of the graphics below to learn more about each type of protection

1) Body Guards

Look out for CE Approved products.  These have been tried and tested to ensure as much protection as possible.

This will include

• Freedom of movement: especially ergonomic plastic, no limitation of movement.
• Performance: very little waste of energy, extremely light, made out of innovative materials.
• Safety: protection for all exposed parts of the body.

2) Back Supports

These are available with or without body belts.  These offer support to the vulnerable back area.  Modern back supports are made from breathable material whilst still offering great support and protection on the race track.

3) Neck Support

Arguably the most important protection for Motocross Riders, the neck support.

Great features to look out for include:

  • Great head mobility
    • Integration with helmets and body protector
    • Great fitting
    • Light weight
    • Two sizes of thickness of the foam for a better fitting
    • Removable cover made with Sensitive® material
    • Back supports adjustable in two different positions
    • Removable straps
  • 4) Knee Brace

    In every sport, the knees are often the most likely joint to injure and force careers to end short.

    Two key features to demand from your knee support include:

    1) Ergonomic structure with high-performance structure characteristics
    2) Total containment of the knee joint.
    a - medial and lateral collateral ligament support
    b - anterior and posterior cruciate ligament support
    c - patella protection

    Whatever your level, wearing high quality protection is a must to give you the best possible chance of avoiding injury and keep you where you belong - racing at the weekend.

    Motocross Parts UK

    Motocross Parts UK


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