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Any dirt bike rider has aspirations to improve and become a better rider overall, and one of the first steps in getting better and stronger at your craft is learning how to jump.

When you think of dirt bikes, launching off of huge jumps is usually one of the first things that come to mind.

While it may look simple on the surface, jumping a motorcycle is actually a tough task that takes plenty of practice and dedication.

If you are ready to learn how to jump a dirt bike, here are a few helpful tips and tricks to follow.

Speed Control

Just like getting out of the gate or going in and out of turns, having proper speed control is absolutely vital to the success of your jump.

The approach is the first important step to take when you are going in for the jump.

While you may want to throttle it into the jump the entire way, it is all about a proper balance of letting off the throttle a little before revving it up.

Taking Off

As you approach the jump, let off the gas for a second or two to control your speed before you hit the throttle just a few feet before hitting the bottom of the jump.

As you go up the face of the jump, you will want to compress the suspension of the bike by leaning forward and just slight over the handlebars. This strategy will help you not tip the bike backwards with the natural momentum and your body weight as you go off the lip of the jump.

Control In the Air

While speed control is important, the way you control your body in the air will lead to whether or not you can successfully and safely land the jump itself.

The first thing you need to do while in the air of your jump is to eye your landing spot on the down ramp.

By keeping an eye on your spot through the entire jump, you will have a much better chance of landing in a safe spot and not at an awkward angle.

Be sure to keep your body even and slight leaned forward to ensure the bike doesn't tip back.

When in the air, one of the best ways a more skilled rider can improve their jumping ability is to let off the throttle and slightly whip the back end around to the front. This is a great way to stay balanced and control your bike better in the air.

Sticking the Landing

In the end, sticking the landing properly will make your jump successful.

Be sure to not land with both wheels hitting the ground at the same time. This will take the shock absorption out of the landing and be rough on your bike and your body.

When landing, try and have your rear wheel hit just before to ensure a smooth landing.

Follow these simple tips and get plenty of practice and you are sure to be mastering jumping in no time.

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