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Arguably the most iconic move on any motorcycle, popping the perfect wheelie is something every motocross rider wants to accomplish.

Pulling off the perfect wheelie is much more than simply lifting up on your handlebars and leaning back. No, making this move happen is all about the right combination of speed, balance, and control.

If you have been wanting to learn how to pop the perfect wheelie, here is everything you need to know in order to make this awesome move happen.


The first step in learning how to pull off the perfect wheelie is to know the basics of how the bike works and how you will need to work the mechanics, as well as your body throughout the course of the move.

Getting past the mental hurdle is the hardest part for many riders. Start yourself out on smaller jumps and bumps in the beginning. Get the feeling of having your bike off of the ground and you will start to become more comfortable with the concept of being on only one wheel.

Having the proper bike to pop a wheelie is also an important step to be aware of before you start attempting this manoeuvre. If you are riding some sort of performance trail bike or a traditional motocross bike, this will make the process much easier as it will not take as much effort to get the front end up and off the ground.

The Steps to the Wheelie

Once you have gotten comfortable on your bike and are a more experienced rider after mastering your equipment, you can begin to learn the steps to popping the perfect wheelie.

The biggest things to be aware of are how you are controlling your clutch, brake, and body control. These steps all working fluidly together will combine to create the ideal wheelie.

Getting yourself perfectly centered over the bike is the first step as you should hug the bike firmly with your legs and sit up tall and straight. Get yourself up to a higher gear such as third or sometimes fourth as a little bit more speed and power can make it easier to control over a longer distance. Be sure to keep one finger on the clutch throughout the wheelie and your foot hovering over the rear brake.

When you are ready to get the front end of your bike up in the air, hover in the mid level revolutions and give the acceleration a good boost. Use the bike's power and momentum to lift itself up, rather than exerting all your strength trying to lift it up with the handlebars. If you do need to give it a lift, however, pull up at the same time you give the accelerator that quick boost.

In the end, practice will make perfect, so be sure to ease your way into the wheelie and get your technique mastered.

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