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Before the Race

1. Arrive Early: Get to the track early so you have time to get your bike set up and do some practice laps. This will help you get comfortable with the track and allow you to focus on your race when it starts.

2. Warm Up: A good warm up is essential for a successful race. Make sure to take some time to get your muscles warmed up and loose before the race starts.

3. Stay Focused: When the race starts, stay focused and don't get distracted by what is happening around you. Concentrate on your own race and don't worry about what the other riders are doing.

4. Don't Rush: It's important not to rush through the race and make mistakes.

During the Race

1. Stay Calm: When things start to get chaotic and you start to feel overwhelmed, stay calm and focused. This will help you stay in control and make better decisions.

2. Don't Over-ride: It's important to stay light on your bike and not over-ride. This will help you stay in control and make it easier to navigate the track.

3. Use All of the Track: Make sure to use all of the track available to you and take advantage of every opportunity to pass riders.

4. Avoid Mistakes: Try to avoid making any mistakes during the race and stay on your bike as much as possible. This will help you finish strong and with minimal damage.

After the Race

1. Stay Calm: After the race, take some time to calm down and relax. This will help you recover quickly and be ready for your next race.

2. Drink Plenty of Water: Drink plenty of water to help flush out the toxins from your body and replenish lost fluids.

3. Eat a Healthy Meal: Eat a healthy meal to help your body recover and rebuild lost energy - alternatively reach for a beer!

4. Get Some Rest: Get some rest so your body can repair any damage that was done during the race.

Good luck and safe riding!

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Motocross Parts UK


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