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Suzuki DRZ400S Review

DRZ400S Review

The Suzuki DRZ400S is a motorcycle that is known for its reliability and off-road capability. It has been praised by many reviewers for its performance on the trails, as well as its comfortable riding position. The bike has a detuned engine from the DRZ400SM. It has adequate power for trail riding and is capable of towing your water cooler behind it. The motorcycle features 41mm upside down forks, digital speedo/odo meter, 2-into-1 exhaust system, 17" wheels with Dunlop AT81 tires and other features.

The Suzuki DRZ400S makes for an excellent beginner or advanced off-road motorcycle. It has decent gas mileage, which is a major plus if you're looking to spend a lot of time riding off-road. It comes with a rear rack and tool kit as standard features. This is another advantage that the DRZ400S has over many other motorcycles. This can be put to use for those planning on doing some traveling or hauling parts behind them on their motorcycle.

The Suzuki DRZ400S is also great for beginners because of its reliability. Many other motorcycles require some maintenance before they can be taken out on the trails, but you should have no problems with this motorcycle right away. It will work well with aftermarket parts modification if one desires to do so. The engine provides enough torque to haul parts, as well as tow a water cooler, so this makes it great for multi-purpose use.

The DRZ400S also has a great aftermarket support from many different manufacturers. This allows you to upgrade the motorcycle with ease if you choose to do so.

The DRZ400S has received some criticism for its engine, which is detuned from the SM model to meet with US emissions requirements. The bike does not produce as much power as the SM version and may disappoint some riders looking for more power. It does however, provide more than enough power to meet most off-road needs.

The Suzuki DRZ400S is a great motorcycle for those looking for an affordable and reliable machine. Whether you are beginner or advanced, the DRZ400S will serve your needs well. It has plenty of aftermarket parts

DRZ400S Aftermarket Parts

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